Nitrogen Blanketing and Padding for Tanks, Transformers & More

Elemental nitrogen is one of nature’s most abundant chemical substances accounting for a significant portion of air. Gaseous nitrogen has found countless applications in industrial manufacturing processes including beverage preparation, fertilizer manufacturing, pharmaceutics, oil and gas recovery, and electronics production. Further, numerous industrial production methods use volatile chemicals that pose safety hazards if improperly handled. […]

Nitrogen for Wine Sparging, Bottling and Blanketing

The process of winemaking requires adherence to delicately balanced techniques to obtain wines of the highest possible quality. As with any other beverage-making process, winemakers must contend with biological and chemical processes that may taint the winery’s production. Bacterial contamination and chemical oxidation are the most crucial points of friction in wine production. Oxidation and […]

Nitrogen Gas Safety Precautions – Is Nitrogen Dangerous?

The use of gaseous nitrogen has become almost indispensable in numerous industrial manufacturing and transport processes. The inert nature of this gaseous element makes it ideal for use in processes where process–driver side reactions may cause alterations to the final products. While the uses of gaseous nitrogen are countless, it must be handled in accordance […]

What is Gas Flaring? – Why is It Done & Viable Alternatives

Flare gas is a byproduct of numerous industrial processes including oil and gas recovery, petrochemical process, landfill gas production, and wastewater treatment. Although in large quantities it might be economically viable to employ the use of flare gas in heat and electricity production, in some cases flare gas may not be a cost-effective decision to […]

Landfill Gas to Energy Systems – How Does Landfill Gas Collection Work?

The need for renewable sources of energy has necessitated the exploration of various methods of power generation. Conversion of gaseous effluents from a landfill site to usable energy is an environmentally friendly means of achieving climate change goals. This article will explain the vital question renewable energy enthusiasts ask: how does landfill gas work? What […]

Safer Flights with Aircraft Nitrogen Generating Systems for Fuel Tanks

Safety and reliability of aircraft components and systems are critical in the aviation industry. Fires are hazardous in all sections of an aircraft, particularly in tanks containing jet fuel. The catastrophic TWA Flight 800 accident of 1996, which killed all 230 passengers including service crew, was linked to an electric spark in one of the […]

What Is Coal Bed Methane? – CBM Extraction Methods

Coal bed methane (CBM), an important unconventional gas occurring naturally in coal beds, is increasingly being used for industrial and utility purposes. Learn what coal bed methane is, its unique gas composition, physical properties, and uses and explore the most prominent coal bed methane extraction processes. What Is Coal Bed Methane? Coal bed methane (CBM) […]

Jones Act vessels to get Generon Nitrogen Generator Systems

   July 16, 2019 – GENERON is preparing to ship the first complete marine nitrogen generator system for two LNG-fueled containerships being constructed at Keppel AmFELS that will join the Pasha Hawaii fleet. GENERON’s scope of work is to supply a complete marine membrane nitrogen generator system rated for 300 M3/H of N2  to each […]

Marine News

Generon IGS, Inc. has shipped the first three (3) shipsets against the supply contract for 4+2+2 of membrane-based nitrogen generators with a capacity 4500 m3/h at 95% for 49,000 DWT Stainless Steel IMO II, III chemical and oil product tankers IGS (Innovative Gas Systems) is the worlds leading manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators. We manufacture both, […]

What Is a VRU, and How Does a Vapor Recovery Unit Work?

In the downstream segment of oil and gas operations, it is critical to eliminate harmful vapors with potentially toxic and explosive properties from gasoline and other fuel types before the products are sold. Vapor recovery is particularly crucial as hydrocarbon storage containers may be prone to leaks via the hatches and safety valves as the […]