For over 40 years, GENERON Membrane Filters and Cartridges, along with the PSA line, have been at the forefront of the nitrogen generation and gas separation industry. This technology is designed to efficiently remove contaminants or recover valuable products from natural gas streams. As a result of our ongoing dedicated California R&D team, our Membrane® systems are the most advanced and reliable in the industry.



GENERON® Membrane Filters, combined with compressed air, generate a nitrogen stream widely used throughout the petrochemical, oil & gas, marine, commercial, industrial, environmental and aircraft industries.

GENERON® Standard and Marine Series PSA Nitrogen Generator Systems are one of the largest product lines available, consistently producing 95% to 99.999% Nitrogen Purity. Whether custom specifications or configured for CRN, CSA, CE and/or PED requirements, GENERON® delivers results and saves you time & money.


A GENERON® Membrane contains millions of single asymmetric hollow-fibers that act as a molecular filter. When high-pressure gas mixtures enter the separator, the gas components divide as a result of selective permeation. Fast gases such as Oxygen, permeate easily through the membrane wall and exit the side port. Slow gases such as Nitrogen, have a difficult time passing through the membrane wall and travel the bore of the fiber exiting through the port at the end of the shell. The GENERON® Membranes allow gas separation at pressures up to 800 psig.

GENERON®– Nitrogen Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)

GENERON‘s Nitrogen PSA line was developed to complement our Membrane® Technology Line and offers one of the largest product lines available. GENERON PSA Generators separate nitrogen (N2) from compressed air utilizing pressure swing adsorption technology. The sieve preferentially adsorbs O2 and moisture over N2 allowing the N2 to pass through as a pressurized product gas. While one of the towers is in the adsorption phase, the other tower is regenerated by de-pressurizing at which time the sieve releases the adsorbed gases to the atmosphere and the cycle is then repeated.

Generating your own nitrogen can substantially reduce the cost of nitrogen consumption, consequently eliminating monthly tank rental fees, delivery costs, labor costs and additional site liability insurance. GENERON® is the only manufacturer to offer multiple PSA configurations to the market including the Twin Tower® Standard and Marine series.

If you are interested in learning more about GENERON® membrane and pressure swing adsorption, (PSA) technology, please contact us at +1.713.937.5211 or contact form.