Nitrogen Generators, Gas Separation, Process Gas Solutions, and Compression Solutions

GENERON® is a global provider specializing in the design, engineering, manufacture, and servicing of nitrogen generation, gas separation, process gas, and compression solutions.

Go Direct: GENERON® delivers.

For more than 40 years GENERON has been supplying compressed air and process packages for both general industry and custom designed engineered solutions. With over 100 patented technologies, GENERON is dedicated to providing cutting edge solutions to a large part of the compressed gases and process industries.

GENERON has focused on supplying its customers with cost savings technologies in onsite production of Nitrogen and Oxygen. Savings can exceed 80% over traditional methods of purchasing our products.

Additionally, GENERON process separation technologies are used in multiple petrochemical and environmental applications where valuable hydrocarbons can be purified and repurposed from venting / flaring to sellable fuel / feed stocks.

Supporting GENERON’s core technologies is an extensive knowledge base in compression technologies both primary and post compression products. GENERON provides standard and custom packaged solutions to pressures up to 10,000 psig (690 bar).

At GENERON, maintaining long term relationships, delivering creative solutions and the relentless pursuit of exceeding expectations is our passion and goal.

Global Reach

GENERON‘s Global Reach with its ISO 9001 Fabrication Facilities in Houston, Texas, Pittsburg California, and Chengdu, China assures our customers a uniform product anywhere in the world.

Our service centers in the United States, Europe, Korea, China, Malaysia and South America provide global support.

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