Oxygen Generators - On-Site Oxygen

GENERON has over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) systems. We are proud to remain at the forefront of this technology and have multiple configurations to provide the right package to meet our customer requirements.

GENERON® On-Site Oxygen Generators are a cost effective alternative to purchasing bottled oxygen from industrial gas suppliers.  By producing your own oxygen gas, at your facility, you can save up to 80% of traditional gas contract prices.  GENERON has a large selection of standard configurations to assure you find the right product to fit your exact needs.

GENERON® offers four different types of Oxygen Generators. Each type of Oxygen Generator has unique properties designed for a specific market application.  Several options are available to easily customize a unit for your exact application.  If you need any assistance in the selection process, one of our On-Site specialists will be happy to assist you.

Please select one of the highlighted products for the product specific details:

Oxygen PSA – High Pressure applications

Product Flows to – 7,179 scfm (188 Nm3/h)
Product Delivery Pressures 50 psig (3.4 bar)
Purities 93% (+/- 2%)

Oxygen VSA– Low Pressure, Low Flow applications

Product Flows to – 5 mtpd  (190 Nm3/h)
Product Delivery Pressures 4.5 psig  (0.3 bar)
Purities 93%  (+/- 2%)

Oxygen VPSA– Low Pressure,  High Flow applications

Product Flows to – 34 mtpd (1000 Nm3/h)
Product Delivery Pressures 4.5 psig  (0.3 bar)
Purities 93%  (+/- 2%)

Oxygen Membranes– High Pressure, Low Flow applications

Product Flows to – Flow is scaled
Product Delivery Pressures 120 psig  (8.2 bar)
Purities 38%  (+/- 2%)

Each Technology has unique attributes based on its operating principle; in general, however, the technologies can be grouped into Low Pressure or High Pressure designs.  The highest cost of operating these systems is the cost of power.  By selecting the appropriate product desired pressure, the cost of the product can be optimized for each application.

The VSA and VPSA technologies operate at Low Pressures.  This has significant advantages when it comes to power consumption for the blowers and/or compressors. The VSA and VPSA technologies are typically utilized where low pressure product is used in the final application.

The VSA Technology is typically utilized in small to midsize requirements; Oxygen requirement of 5 tons per day (190 Nm3/h)  or less.

The VPSA product is typically utilized in larger oxygen requirements;  5 to 34 tons per day (1000 Nm3/h), and where power consumption would become a major decision factor.

Need help deciding which generator is right for a particular application?  One of our product Specialists can help you, based on your final product pressure, and flow requirements.