Generox® Onsite Oxygen Generators

GENERON has over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of Oxygen Generating Systems. Our systems are designed to produce Oxygen on demand. With over 2000 Oxygen and Nitrogen Generators supplied worldwide we have the experience to meet our customers exact requirements.

The cost of Oxygen produced by one of Generon’s Oxygen generating systems will be a fraction of what the traditional gas companies charge with the added advantage that you will never have to change a high-pressure bottle or run out of oxygen!

GENEROX® On-Site Oxygen Generators are a cost-effective alternative to purchasing cylinder oxygen from industrial gas suppliers.  By producing your own oxygen gas, at your facility, you can save up to 80% of traditional gas contract prices.  GENERON has a large selection of standard configurations to assure you find the right product to fit your exact needs.

GENERON offers two different types of Oxygen Generators. Each type of Oxygen Generator has unique properties designed for a specific market application.  Several options are available to easily customize a unit for your exact application.  If you need any assistance in the selection process, one of our On-Site specialists will be happy to assist you. Each Technology has unique attributes based on its operating principle; in general, however, the technologies can be grouped into Low Pressure or High-Pressure designs.  The highest cost of operating these systems is the cost of power.  By selecting the appropriate product desired pressure, the cost of the product can be optimized for each application.

Oxygen Generators

    1. Generon utilizes two technologies that produce oxygen up to 95% Purity Oxygen
      • Traditional twin tower PSA Technology – Produces oxygen at 80-100 PSIG. This technology is utilized for most industrial applications
      • Generon has 17 Oxygen PSA models to choose from:
        Full product details of PSA Oxygen Generator
      • VPSA Technology – This technology produces large quantities of Oxygen at low pressure 4-5 PSIG. This technology is used in low pressure application such as waste-water treatment, fish farming, Oxygen-Enriched Oxy-Fuel Combustion, Gasification Processes (VPSA Technology), etc.
      • Generon has 11 Oxygen VSA / VPSA models to choose from:
      • Both Technologies offer an endless supply of oxygen for a wide range of commercial applications.
    2. High purity Oxygen Generator with purities to 99%.
      • These systems consist of two stages of purification. The first stage is a traditional Oxygen PSA. The produced 95% oxygen from the first stage is then fed into a second PSA which removes Argon and residual Nitrogen to achieve the 99% Oxygen Purity

All of the Generon systems can be packaged on a skid or installed into a containerized system with all ancillary equipment included – Compressors, Dryers, Filtration, and high-pressure bottle filling stations.

The PSA Technology produces Oxygen from 65 SCFH (1.71 Nm3/hr) to 5000 SCFH (132 Nm3/hr) at 80-100 psig.

The VPSA Technology produces Oxygen from 7 tons/day (190 Nm3/hr) to 34 tons/day (1,000 Nm3/hr) at 3-5 psig.

Need help deciding which generator is right for a particular application?  One of our product Specialists can help you, based on your final product pressure, and flow requirements

    • Metal Cutting (PSA)
    • Fish Farming (VPSA Technology)
    • Waste Water Treatment (VPSA Technology)
    • Mining (PSA)
    • Labs (Single and Two Stage PSAs)
    • Oxygen-Enriched Oxy-Fuel Combustion (VPSA Technology)
    • Gasification Processes (VPSA Technology)