Nitrogen Generator Containerized Mobile Systems

GENERON® Membrane separation systems are engineered and designed for efficient Nitrogen generation and mixed gas purification. The skid-mounted nitrogen generators are commonly used in the Oil & Gas Industry, Ammonia plants, Chemical Manufacturing Facilities, Pipe Line Maintenance, and Refineries. These units are designed to operate onshore or offshore. We build standard designs or to custom engineering specifications, to provide reliable, cost effective membrane separation solutions.

The GENERON® Membrane modules contain over a million fibers. Compressed feed air is passed down the bores of the fibers at one end of the module, with enriched nitrogen product gas exiting from the opposite end. Oxygen and water vapor are selectively removed and vented from the feed air as it flows through the module.

Our ISO-9001, ASME, PED/PE, UL/CUL certified facilities and shops ensure the highest standards are met and your expectations exceeded.




  • Marine
  • General Blanketing
  • Refinaries
  • Auto Clave
  • Blanketing of Chemical & Pharmaceuticals
  • Brazing
  • Food Packaging
  • Gas Assisted Injection Molding (GAIM)
  • Heat Treatment of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Inerting of Flammable Liquids & Gases
  • Cylinder Filling

Standard Features:

  • .01 Micron Coalescing Filter with drain
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • GENERON® Hollow Fiber Membranes
  • Manual Purity Control Valve
  • PLC Control System with HMI Feature
  • Fail Safe Package (off –spec nitrogen auto-vented)
  • NEMA 12 Cabinet Enclosure
  • Inlet Pressure Gauge
  • Outlet Pressure Gauge
  • Oxygen Analyzer with Calibration Valve
  • Pressure Safety Valve
  • Skid with Lifting lugs
  • Performance Test and Report
  • Performance certificate

Optional Features:

  • Demister / Moister Separator
  • 1 Micron Coalescing Filter
  • Process Heater
  • Automatic Purity Control Valve
  • NEMA 4X Control Cabinet Enclosure (316SS)
  • Enhanced PLC with Telemetry
  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Auto/Stand by Mode
  • Product Flow Meter
  • Dew Point Analyzer
  • Primary Air Compression
  • Sea-water cooled Air Compressor
  • Nitrogen Booster Compressor for high pressure applications
ModelInlet Pressures: psig 350, barg 24.1
Nitrogen Purity / Flow Rate
95%97%99%View Product PDF
NPU 750115812747941349422716 
NPU 1200125321298701478486826 
NPU 150016862864115619646141043 
NPU 200020233437138723577362526 
NPU 250025324301176329969751657 
NPU 3000303451562081353511051877 
NPU 3500354060152428412412892190 
NPU 4000404668742774471414732502 
NPU 450045587743175539516862865 
NPU 5000540091753700628619833369 
NPU 60006236105954277726222783871 
Inlet Pressures: psig 500 barg 34.4
NPU 15001536261010591799559949 
NPU 200020853543143724427581288 
NPU 250025244288174029569181559 
NPU 3000307352212118359811171898 
NPU 3500351259672420411212772169 
NPU 4000408369382816478514842521 
Flow and pressure values are averages with tolerances of ±3%. Performance data based on 89°F / 32°C inlet at Membrane.
Standard Conditions: 77°F (25°C) and 14.7 psi (1 atm)
Custom sizes are available upon request.


  • Enhanced mobility and rapid deployment.
  • Complete self-sustainability.
  • High and low pressure nitrogen delivery options.
  • Wide operational temperature range.
  • No need to haul in liquid nitrogen or nitrogen tube trailers.
  • Single-platform equipment installation.
  • Complete automation and improved serviceability.
  • Environmentally Friendly – All system blow downs captured for proper disposal.
  • Rapid unit set up – Nitrogen on line within one hour of pulling up to a customer site.

Complete systems are packaged in our Houston ISO 9000 – certified fabrication shop to meet your exact requirements. To handle your short-term needs, GENERON maintains an extensive fleet of mobile nitrogen generators for rental through our wholly owned subsidiary Global Nitrogen & Oilfield Services.