Mobile Nitrogen Generation Systems
Trailer Mounted System

Our custom designed Truck & Trailer Combo Series will allow for a dramatically more compact and mobile membrane systems. The key to this new product line is maximum mobility by combining air supply, membrane nitrogen generation and nitrogen booster compression and then to install it all on one truck that is easily operated. Where other membrane systems and inert gas generators require multiple transports and long setup/breakdown times, our Combo Series is already mounted on a single trailer, interconnected, calibrated, and ready for operation.

Trailer Mounted Mobile Nitrogen Generation System

Complete systems are packaged in our Houston ISO 9000:2008 – certified fabrication shop to meet your exact requirements. To handle your short-term needs, GENERON maintains an extensive fleet of mobile nitrogen generators for rental through Global Nitrogen & Oil Field Services. Our certified and factory trained personnel provide on-site start-up and training.

Using the patented GENERON® membrane, we offer the lowest cost Nitrogen production on the market today. The actual air separation process takes place in the nitrogen membrane filters.

  • Custom-Built
  • Truck Or Trailer-Mounted
  • Fully-Integrated With Primary Compression And Booster Capabilities
  • You Pick The Truck, Engine And Options
  • Your Exact Specifications
  • Nitrogen Purities From 90-99%, Systems Include Fully Automatic Nitrogen Purity Control
  • Equipped With Certified Oxygen Analyzer
  • Nitrogen Flow Meters For Accurate Monitoring And Control


Feature U.S. Standard S.I. Standard
Trailer Unit 500 scfm to 1500 scfm 14 Nm3/m to 85 Nm3/m
Supply Pressures 200-500 psig standard 13.7 barg to 34 barg
Booster Capabilities Up to 5000 psig 345 barg
Nitrogen Dew Point -70° F -57° C



  • Enhanced mobility and rapid deployment
  • Complete self-sustainability
  • Single-man operations


  • High and low pressure nitrogen delivery options
  • Wide operational temperature range
  • Single-platform equipment installation
  • Complete automation and improved serviceability
  • Quick system start-up and shutdown

Reduced Costs

  • Moderate dimensions and light weight designs
  • No special air quality requirements
  • No need to bring in liquid nitrogen or nitrogen tube trailers
  • Extended operational life


  • Mist pumps/foaming units
  • Standard to off road truck suspension (4 wheel drive, sand tires, etc.)
  • High ambient environments


  • Blanketing
  • De-Gassing
  • Drying
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Gas List
  • Leak Testing
  • Mine Seal Inerting
  • Pipeline Purging
  • Pigging
  • Platform Turnarounds
  • Purging
  • Refinery Turnarounds
  • UBD
  • Well Completion