Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) Removal

GENERON offers multiple technologies serving the Gas Separation and Compression Industries, along with all support products. The following is a brief overview of our offerings. Please click on the supplied link for more detailed product information.

  • GENERON® Hollow Fiber Membrane modules are manufactured and tested in our Pittsburg, California manufacturing facilities. The Membrane Modules produced at this location serve a very broad and global market. Each technology type utilizes a unique, patented chemical structure, to optimize the flow and efficiency of our product.
    • Nitrogen Membrane Modules – The highest efficiency and flow rates available on the market. GENERON offers a full complement of membrane systems using its Nitrogen Membrane Modules.  GENERON has the largest selection of Nitrogen Systems offered on the market with over 200 product offerings including:  Indoor and Outdoor Cabinets, Skid-Mounted Systems, Containerized Units, and Custom-Engineered-and-Built Systems for every market.   Additionally, GENERON provides its patented membrane modules to approved and select OEM’s for use in their own proprietary systems.
    • Oxygen Membrane ModulesGENERON offers various Oxygen membrane modules to niche markets for highly specialized applications.
    • Dehydration Membrane Modules – these membrane modules are utilized for point-of-use dew point suppression in compressed air systems.
    • Process Gas Membrane Modules – This membrane module group has a very broad application in the Petrochemical, Midstream, and Downstream industries.
  • GENERON® Adsorption Technologies are complementary to our Membrane Module product offering, by providing Nitrogen at the highest of purities, or where membranes are not the most efficient process.
    • Nitrogen Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) products serve thousands of customers, with stringent requirements, around the world. GENERON® Nitrogen PSA product line is one of the most extensive on the market with over 100 product offerings to fill the wide variety of
    • Oxygen PSA products serve a large industrial base. Like the Nitrogen PSA product offerings, GENERON has the largest selection of products on the market; from high pressure PSA’s to low pressure VSA and VPSA
    • Heatless Compressed Air Dryers work on the same basic principle as the PSA technology. GENERON offers a full product line of standard size dryer designs, and also has full capability to customize the product for any unique application.
  • GENERON® Compression Products are offered in three basic packages, depending on required pressure ranges:
    • Blower Packages (from 27” hg / 13 psi / 0.91 bar to  100 psig / 6.9 bar) are offered to a large segment of the Chemical, Waste Treatment,  and Environmental industries.
    • Compressor Packages, Primary Compression (from 90 psig / 6 bar to 500 psig / 34.5 bar) are offered for unique and highly specified job requirements in the Oil & Gas Markets, Chemical Industries, and Marine Environment. These systems are offered in skidded, mobile, or DNV certified container systems.
    • High-Pressure (Booster) Compressor Packages(from 500 psig / 34.5 bar to 10,000 psig / 690 bar) are offered for unique and highly specified job requirements in the Oil & Gas Markets and Chemical Industries. These systems are offered in skidded, mobile, or DNV certified container systems.

The GENERON® 6000 Cabinet Series is ideal where low to medium Nitrogen flow rates are required in a small footprint.Custom Skid Membrane Instrument Air SystemsIndustrial twin tower pressure swing adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen generatorCO2 Removal

GENERON is a global technology company specializing in the development, design, manufacturing and servicing of equipment for both process gas separation and purification technologies.

  • GENERON® Gas Separation & Gas Conditioning Products
    • GENERON offers a variety of gas processing products which are uniquely designed and manufactured to meet customer expectations.  GENERON prides itself in providing complete solutions to our clients, from concept design to product testing & manufacturing.
    • GENERON utilizes its own proprietary and patented hollow fiber membranes, along with its adsorption technologies, to custom design systems to meet our customer’s unique process requirements.
  • GENERON® Instrument Air Systems
    • GENERON offers fully packaged Dry Air and Instrument Air systems, including primary air compressors and heatless or membrane air drying equipment, to dew point of  -100°F  ( -73° C)
  • ASME Pressure Vessels
    • ASME certified and National Board stamped pressure vessels are designed and fabricated for GENERON systems, as well as other clients, though the wholly owned Houston Vessel Manufacturing (HVM) facility. Pressure vessels are designed for low pressure and high pressure applications, as simple stand-alone vessels or complex systems with internal trays, baffles, and nozzles.
  • Specialty Products