Desiccant Dryers

GENERON Heatless Desiccant Dryers consist of two towers containing a specialized material that absorbs the water vapor in the saturated compressed air stream. The amount of time that the saturated air remains in contact with the adsorption material dictates the output air dew point (dryness) of the product.

Twin Tower Heatless Desiccant Dryer

When compressed air enters the GENERON system through coalescing filters, 99.999% of oil, water and liquid contaminates are removed. The filtered air is then directed by the solid state controller to the on-line tower where saturated air and water vapor adhere to the desiccant in a process called “adsorption”.

While the on-line tower dries air, the off-line tower regenerates by purging the entrained moisture to atmosphere with a stream of dry air. The dry, clean air then exits the system through a dust removal filter into your plant distribution system.

GENERON systems provide moisture free air down to a -40° or -100°F pressure dew point.


  • Solid state controller and sensors
  • Inlet and discharge filters
  • Control air, tower pressure gauges, safety valves
  • High performance switching & check valves
  • ASME coded vessels and moisture indicator
  • High humidity & Failure to switch alarm
  • Pressure dew points to -100°F
  • Remote contacts


ModelInlet Air Capacity Instrument Air FlowApproximate Dimensions in / mm
GTTD 2002005.71704.848122931782862179
GTTD 2502507.12136.048122933838862179
GTTD 3003008.52557.248122933838862179
GTTD 40040011.33409.6812068451145922347
GTTD 50051014.443412.3812068451145942375
GTTD 60065018.455315.6812068451145952403
GTTD 77077021.865518.58120684511451002453
GTTD 1000100028.385024.11193108591509972459
GTTD 1200120034.0102028.911930185915091223101
GTTD 1500150042.5127536.112531857318441102794
GTTD 2000200056.6170048.113233537318441102794
GTTD 2600260073.6221062.615840237920121213073
GTTD 3000300085.0255072.215840237920121213073
GTTD 40004000113.3340096.321153649223471233129
GTTD 50005000141.64250120.322457009223471273213
GTTD 60006000169.95100144.422457009223471253185