Gas Separation & Gas Conditioning

GENERON‘s industry leading technologies provide solutions that convert by-products into high-value commodities that meet the evolving demands of industry and compliance mandates.

GENERON offers multiple technologies for the Separation and Conditioning of Hydrocarbon process gas streams.  Some of the key technologies offered:

– Membrane Separation

  • Multiple Membrane Compositions designed for unique process separations

– adsorption Technologies

  • Molecular Sieves of various specifications

– Mechanical Separation

  • Two and Three Phase separators
  • Coalescing Filters

– Cooling / Condensation

  • Mechanical refrigeration
  • Joule Thomson Coolers

GENERON’s Process Engineering team can integrate one or all of these technologies to meet its customer’s requirements.  Supporting the design and packaging of these integrated systems GENERON can offer turnkey solutions including:

– Custom designed ASME pressure vessels through its wholly owned Vessel Manufacturing Company – HVM

– Compression Packaging Group

  • Process Gas Blowers for gas gathering applications
  • Product Compression / Recompression
    • Rotary Screw Compressors
    • Reciprocating Compressors

– Electrical Panels and Control Systems

  • UL certified panel shop
  • PLC programing of multiple platforms (Siemen’s, AB, etc.)

All systems are manufactured in GENERON’s ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities in Houston, Texas and Pittsburg, California.

Process Gas Separation – Video