GENERON to exhibit at SWANApalooza 2018

January 31, 2018 GENERON is once again attending SWANApalooza convention and trade show. GENERON designs and manufactures equipment systems and solutions for landfill gas and Biogas. Stop by our booth #226 and visit with us about your needs and our solutions. You can also contact us at or call us at +1.713.937.5200

Membrane Cabinets for Kirloskar

GENERON ships two (2) more Industrial Membrane Cabinets to India based customer Kirloskar Pneumatic Ltd Pune. Over the past 4 years Generon has been awarded 62 cabinets from Kirloskar with the following typical performance data: Product Flow:                                                    16 Nm³/hr Product Purity                                                    99.5 % Product Dew Point                […]

Containerized Unit Ships to Saudi Arabia

Contracted by Petrogistix of Dammam, Saudi Arabia, GENERON has completed and shipped a Nitrogen Generator Unit for use on pipeline testing and various other oil and gas field applications.  This system is designed for use onshore, as well as offshore. The GENERON®  Nitrogen Membrane package is designed for 4500 scfm of incoming air at 325 […]

AirCenters Of Florida

Contracted by Air Centers of Florida GENERON has manufactured and supplied a Generon model NS-48-94-120 PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption ) system to our distributor Air Centers of Florida. The system will provide 302.5 scfm with a purity of 99.93% nitrogen. The Generator is 7’4″‘ x 7’4″ x 11’8″, which GENERON builds and certifies at their […]

Dry Air Treatment and Storage Package

Contracted by Wood Group Mustang, GENERON has manufactured and supplied another Compressed Air Treatment Skid.  This package is designed for Kiewit Offshore, for installation at the BP South Pass 89 Expansion project, to provide -40 °F dew point instrument air. This system consists of two air compressors operating independently, with 100% back-up capability, along with […]

Nitrogen Generator for Product Padding – ZS Pharma

GENERON, a global leader in the design and supply of membrane nitrogen generators, and PSA nitrogen generators, along with their distributor Condit Company of Tulsa, OK, is pleased to announce another Membrane Nitrogen On the Wall (NOW) system, has been delivered to   ZS Pharma Inc. of Coppell, TX for use in their Food Grade hot […]

Nitrogen Generation on Ships: PSA or Membrane Technology?

GENERON IGS was awarded with the supply contract for Membrane based Nitrogen Generators, with a capacity 4500 m3/hr, at 95% purity, for 49,000 DWT   Stainless Steel IMO II, III Chemical and Oil Product Tankers  GENERON is the world’s leading manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators. We manufacture both PSA nitrogen generators and Membrane nitrogen generators. GENERON® Membrane […]

Micro Brewery Packaging

PRESS RELEASE Generon is pleased to announce a Twin Tower PSA system has been delivered to Roadhouse Brewery in Jackson, WY. This generator will be used in the brewing and bottling process in their microbrewery. This system was designed to deliver 99.9% pure Nitrogen at a flow rate of 156 scfh.  This is a single […]

Chemical Blanketing with Custom Nitrogen Generator

Contracted by Northwest Equipment LTD., from Airdrie, Canada, GENERON has manufactured and supplied two Industrial Nitrogen Membrane cabinet systems.  Each system will provide 238 scfm of 99% nitrogen at 135 psig.  Each System is 5’8” wide x 2’8” deep x 7’8” high. The two cabinet systems will be used as a nitrogen inert gas system […]

Nitrogen Generator for Blanketing Cargo on Rail Cars

PRESS RELEASE GENERON is a leader in the design and supply of Membrane and Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generator systems.  Along with our distributor, Air Capitol of Kansas, we are pleased to announce a newly built GENERON® Membrane Cabinet System has been delivered to Systech Environmental Corp for nitrogen blanketing rail cars. This system was […]