Conrad Orange Shipyard

GENERON® IGS ANNOUNCES SUCCESSFUL DELIVERY OF NITROGEN PACKAGE FOR THE FIRST LNG BUNKER BARGE built in the U.S. GENERON has delivered two (2) packages of their patented Membrane Nitrogen Generators to Conrad Orange Shipyard, and installed on the LNG Bunker Barge –Clean Jacksonville. The GENERON designed and built membrane cabinets can deliver 40 m3/hr at […]

Generon Announces Successful Delivery of Nitrogen Package for First LNG Bunker Barge Built in the US

GENERON has delivered two (2) packages of Nitrogen generators, utilizing the patented GENERON® Membrane technology, to Conrad Orange Shipyard.  These are installed on Clean Jacksonville, which is the first LNG Bunker Barge to be built in North America. The rated nitrogen capacity per GENERON-built membrane cabinet, is 40 m3/hr at 99% vol N2 gas purity, […]

North America’s First LNG Bunker Barge Delivered

MarineLink August 21, 2018 Clean Jacksonville is the the first LNG bunker barge built in North America (Photo: Conrad Industries) The first liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunker barge to be built in North America has been delivered in Jacksonville, Fla., said U.S. shipbuilder Conrad Industries. The new 2,200 cubic meter bunkering barge, Clean Jacksonville, will […]

What Is Nitrogen Purging? How Does It Work and What Equipment Is Required?

Nitrogen has many applications and depending on the industry, it can be used for a wide variety of tasks and objectives. A colorless and odorless gas, this element makes up around 78 percent of our atmosphere. Although commonly associated with our atmosphere, industrially produced nitrogen is used in several applications. From the beer brewing industry […]