Halliburton Ariel JGA 4 Booster

Contracted by Halliburton, GENERON has completed and shipped 6 Rig Safe and CE Marked GENERON-built Ariel JGA 4 Boosters capable of 1854-2000 SCFM of nitrogen with a final discharge pressure of 5000 PSIG for use on well completions, and various oil and gas applications.  The systems are designed in 6 individual 20’x9’6”x8’ Crash Frames built […]

Biogas Booster Compression Package

October 23, 2018 Contracted by Venture Engineering and Construction, GENERON has manufactured and supplied a 550 hp Reciprocating Gas Booster (compressor) System.  This compressor is capable of compressing Biogas (RNG) for pipeline injection, from 105 psig to 1100 psig with a flow rate of 3.35 mmscfd. For this project, GENERON looked to Baker Hughes to […]

Digester Gas Compression System

Contracted by ESC Corporation GENERON has manufactured and supplied a self-contained Gas Compression System in a custom sound attenuating enclosure (8’ x 20’), with a stainless steel free-standing DCS control center.  The system consists of three (3) gas compression packages and a master control interface system. The three 75-horsepower compression units deliver a total of […]