Marine News

Generon IGS, Inc. has shipped the first three (3) shipsets against the supply contract for 4+2+2 of membrane-based nitrogen generators with a capacity 4500 m3/h at 95% for 49,000 DWT Stainless Steel IMO II, III chemical and oil product tankers IGS (Innovative Gas Systems) is the worlds leading manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators. We manufacture both, […]

What Is a VRU, and How Does a Vapor Recovery Unit Work?

In the downstream segment of oil and gas operations, it is critical to eliminate harmful vapors with potentially toxic and explosive properties from gasoline and other fuel types before the products are sold. Vapor recovery is particularly crucial as hydrocarbon storage containers may be prone to leaks via the hatches and safety valves as the […]

Nitrogen Generator for Pharmaceutical Chemical Inerting

GENERON, a leader in the design and supply of Nitrogen Generators for both GENERON® Membrane systems and Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) systems, along with their distributor, Airgas, is pleased to announce a GENERON® Twin Tower PSA system has been built for Evonik Corporation.  This system will be used for use in their pharmaceutical processing plant […]

What Is Gas Sweetening?

Before natural gas or landfill gas can be injected into a pipeline or used in commercial applications such as CNG, Power Generation, etc. it must meet specific requirements for quality. Natural gas or landfill gas can be sweet or sour depending on the level of contaminants present. Sweet gas is favorable for transport and sale […]