On-site Nitrogen Generation

Onsite Nitrogen Generation

GENERON offers detailed engineering, planning and installation of custom-engineered processing solutions. Our engineering team is highly-skilled at meeting approval drawings and, Vendor Data Required List (VDRL), while 3D CAD systems are utilized with automatic bill of material links. GENERON fabricates, from your drawings or ours, solutions for any industry or application – from onshore to offshore O&G Platforms, FPSOs and FNLGs, to chemical processing, mining and more.

GENERON‘s® Engineering and Fabrication expertise, along with the utilization of Membrane® and PSA technologies, provides a wide range of process solutions. GENERON® engineers and fabricates industrial membrane systems for nitrogen generation and mixed gas purification. These Cabinets, Skid, Containerized, Integrated and Mobile systems are used in the oil and gas industry, ammonia plants, chemical manufacturing facilities, and oil refineries. We work with end users and engineering companies to provide reliable, cost effective, membrane separation solutions for applications like:

Air Dehydration, Hydrogen Recovery, Biogas Upgrading and Generation of Oxygen Enriched Air

GENERON® Nitrogen Membrane Generators consistently produce purities between 95% and 99.5% Product Nitrogen. GENERON units are typically 1/3 the size of our competitor’s, using only 30% of the existing footprint and utilizing 45% less energy.

Nitrogen Membrane – Medium Purity 95% – 99%

Nitrogen Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) – High Purity 99%-99.999%

GENERON‘s ISO 9000, ASME, PED, GOST and UL 508A & CSA-C22.2 Certified manufacturing facilities and plants ensure the highest standards and quality control. The foundation of GENERON‘s technology stems from Dow Chemical’s Polymer Research Group. GENERON holds 15 patents covering the process of converting the polymer into hollow fibers.

GENERON holds 20 patents covering the technologies used to bundle our polymeric fiber into completed modules, and one of only a few companies that design, manufacture and test custom packages.

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