PSA Nitrogen Generator, Marine Series

GENERON® Nitrogen PSA Generators separate nitrogen from compressed air utilizing Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technologies. On Site nitrogen production eliminates the safety issues of handling and storing bottles and liquid nitrogen.

The GENERON® Marine PSA nitrogen generator systems have a reduced footprint design, allowing for minimal space requirements aboard ships and tankers and consists of single or multiple pairs of our Twin Tower Adsorber Vessels, operating on alternating cycles. By utilizing this sequential operation, the requirement of large receiver tanks can be eliminated.


Product Offering Table

ModelInlet PressuresNitrogen Purity / Flow Rate
NS-20-6590 to 1456.2 to 10102-178162-28285-146135-23163-103100-16436-5457-8524-2938-4612-1020-16
NS-24-6490 to 1456.2 to 10147-256233-406123-210195-33290-149144-23652-7782-12335-4255-6618-1529-24
NS-30-5690 to 1456.2 to 10204-355323-562170-291270-461126-206199-32772-107114-17049-5877-9225-2140-33
NS-36-5690 to 1456.2 to 10297-516470-817248-423393-670183-300289-475105-156166-24771-85112-13437-3059-48
2xNS-20-6590 to 1456.2 to 10205-357325-565171-292271-463126-207200-32972-108115-17149-5877-9325-2141-33
2xNS-24-6490 to 1456.2 to 10295-513467-812246-420390-665181-298288-472104-155165-24670-84111-13337-3059-48
2xNS-30-5690 to 1456.2 to 10408-710647-1125341-582541-922252-413399-654144-215229-34198-117155-18551-4281-66
2xNS-36-5690 to 1456.2 to 10594-1032940-1635496-846786-1340366-600579-951210-313333-495142-170225-26975-61118-97
3xNS-36-5690 to 1456.2 to 10891-15491411-2452745-12691179-2010549-901869-1427315-469500-743213-255338-404112-92178-146
4xNS-36-5690 to 1456.2 to 101188-20651881-3270993-16921572-2680732-12011159-1902421-626666-991284-340450-539150-122237-194
5xNS-36-5690 to 1456.2 to 101485-25822351-40871241-21161965-3350915-15021449-2378526-783833-1239356-425563-673187-153297-243
10xNS-36-5690 to 1456.2 to 102971-51644703-81752483-42323931-67001831-30042899-47571052-15661666-2479712-8511127-1347375-307594-486
The nominal rating of the generators are at 68°F; 0% RH and at 14.5 Psia. Flow and pressure values are averages throughout a cycle with tolerances of ±4%.
Custom sizes are available upon request.


  • FNLG
  • FPSOs
  • Platforms
  • Anywhere high purity nitrogen is needed

Standard Features:

  • ASME Coded Vessels
  • High Cycle Life Valves
  • Full Filtration Package
  • Air Buffer Tank w/ PSV and PI
  • N2 Buffer Tank w/ PSV and PI
  • Integrated skid for installation ease
  • Compressor and Dryer controls integrated

Optional Features:

  • 3rd Party Marine Approval
  • Autostandby
  • Off-Spec
  • Product Flow Meter
  • Remote Panels
  • Deck Area Equipment (Ship Loose)
  • Pressure Reduction Cabinet  (Ship Loose)
  • Storage Tanks (Ship Loose)