Primary Compressor Packages

Rotary Screw Gas Compressor Packages

GENERON offers industry proven and engineered rotary screw compression packages, from 20 hp to 5000 hp, built to any technical specification.

Centrifugal Gas Compressor Packages

GENERON offers 1000 hp to 10,000 hp engineered centrifugal compression packages, also built to any technical specification.

GENERON compressor package designs include gas or diesel engine drivers, as well as electric motor driven units, for moving large volumes at discharge pressures up to 500 psi.

Typical application examples:

  • Gas Lift and Reinjection
  • Air Separation (ASU)
  • Instrument Air
  • Chemical Process Plants
  • Land Fill Bio Gas Compression
  • Coal Seam Gas Compression
  • Solution Gas Vapor Recovery (VPU)
  • Gas Gathering
  • Wellhead Compression
  • Pipeline transmission

GENERON’s engineering, design, fabrication, and testing groups are all under one roof, and work hand-in-hand, allowing us to be extremely competitive and be able to react promptly to our clients engineering and design needs in the dynamic global market.