Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Removal

Hydrogen Sulfide, H2S, a highly corrosive gas, commonly found in natural gas, can cause corrosion in gas engines or turbines (if used as fuel) and gas transmission lines. H2S has to be removed before the gas can be used as fuel or sent to the gas pipeline. H2S, can be easily removed from methane or light hydrocarbon gas streams by GENERON® membrane systems. As an added benefit, the system also removes any water vapor and CO2 present. GENERON® systems effectively remove the H2S, regardless of the H2S level. GENERON supplies customized H2S removal systems. GENERON® manufactures membrane filters and systems in their ISO Certified facilities in California and Texas. GENERON works directly with clients providing the most efficient and cost effective solutions available.

The GENERON® Advantage

  • Extensive Experience – custom designed skids
  • State-of-the-art Membrane – high recoveries
  • Simple Solution – no moving parts, minimal maintenance
  • Remote Operation – Minimal attention required, fully automated systems
  • Minimal Losses – low HC losses
  • No Chemicals – environmentally friendly
  • Small Footprint – easily meet footprint requirements

Typical Applications:

H2s Removal from Natural Gas

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In a typical GENERON® H2S removal membrane system the feed gas is first filtered to remove any particles and liquid condensate. The gas then enters the GENERON® membrane filters. The H2S as well as any CO2 and H2O also permeate preferably through the membrane. The non-permeated gas, mainly CH4 and heavy hydrocarbons, remains at pressure and is the product gas.

hydrogen sulfide removal membrane unit diagram


  • Feed gas pressures up to 1,000 psig (69 barg)
  • <200 ppm H2S content in product
  • >5% vol % of H2S in feed
  • >80% recovery of hydrocarbon gas
  • Flow rates from to 50 MMscfd



  • No moving parts, and designed for remote unmanned operation
  • Efficient packaging minimizes space and weight – ideal for offshore applications
  • Customized process design to maximize total hydrocarbon recovery
  • System flexibility – Can operate at wide range of flow rates and CO2 Content
  • Quick deployment & quick Installation – skidded system can be installed in hours



H2s removal systems