GENERON Showcases Triton Nitrogen Generator at International WorkBoat Show 2023 in New Orleans

December 15, 2023

GENERON was happy to be back in the Big Easy to showcase it’s Triton Nitrogen Generator 6150 Membrane Cabinet at the International WorkBoat Show November 29th through December 1st. We met with several interested attendees and professionals in the Marine Industry inquiring about nitrogen generators for their vessels. Many were looking to save on power usage and space, and others were interested in seeing the latest in nitrogen generating technology. GENERON was eager to provide solutions, and discuss how we can help with managing their nitrogen needs on marine vessels. The Triton 6150 we were showcasing was a great product to begin with.

Many of the attendees who stopped by our booth took notice of the small footprint of the Triton nitrogen unit. This patented design happens to be the smallest footprint available, and was recognized as a huge benefit when considering the limited space of their vessels. The large install base was commended for its ability to help with the ease of installation. Equally important to many of the attendees visiting our booth, was the low energy consumption of the unit, the lowest of it’s kind. When vessel space is a factor, as well as the limited amount of energy available, the Triton Membrane Cabinet Series Nitrogen Generator is an ideal product to meet marine vessel nitrogen needs.

This particular model has the ability to produce nitrogen purities in the range of 95% – 99.5% with a flow of 280 NM3/H – 44 NM3/H at 6.9 to 12 BARG. Moreover, it also allows room to easily expand nitrogen supply capabilities if and when needed by simply increasing our superior membrane technology, manufactured here in the U.S.

GENERON is ready to assist you with any questions you have, and will work with you to reduce cost to your nitrogen management. Contact our technology specialist today to find out how our Application Focused approach can deliver more to you. www.generon.com.

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