Product Blanketing

Contracted by The Hope Group and Fuji Film, GENERON has manufactured and supplied a PSA (pressure swing adsorption) Nitrogen Generator system.   The generator will ship to Greenwood, South Carolina and will produce 800 SCFH or 13 SCFM of nitrogen at 99% purity levels. This is the second Fujifilm facility to install the patented GENERON® […]

PRT – SecurePac System

Contracted by Plank Road Technologies of Louisiana, GENERON has manufactured and supplied Plank Road Technologies two additional Mobile LOC systems, which are self-contained diesel-driven rotary compression packages with an integrated membrane nitrogen generator system. This system is used for controlling the atmosphere inside the Plank Road Technologies SecurePac storage system.   Each of these units […]


In August 2018, GENERON was awarded the order from the Vietnamese company, Mink Khoi Technology for the supply of two (2) open-frame type Nitrogen Generators, utilizing the GENERON® Membrane Modules. Each skid is rated for a flow capacity of 970 m3/hr, at 95 % purity, and 6 barg product discharge pressure.  The N2 units will […]

Chemical Blanketing

Contracted by Compressed Air Specialist Company (CASCO), GENERON has manufactured and supplied another Membrane Nitrogen Generator, utilizing the patented GENERON® Membrane Modules. The system will house the high performance hollow fiber membranes modules, in a powder-coat painted steel cabinet, with an integrated carbon filter & .01 micron particulate filter assembly, and a dedicated oxygen analyzer. […]


In June 2018, GENERON was awarded the order from an Estonian company, Alu Torero for the supply of two (2) cabinet type Marine Nitrogen Generators. Each cabinet is rated for a flow capacity of 250 Nm3/h at 95 % with the compressed air supplied by the end-user.  The Nitrogen will be used to supply inert […]

Six Container Packages Shipped to Russia

In November 2017, GENERON shipped multiple packages to Russian oil company JSC ZARUBEZHNEFT for their Kharyaga Phase 3 Development Project. The field is located 60 km north of the Polar Circle in the Arctic, with ambient temperatures reaching -55°C. The project was awarded back in 2013 with substantial delays caused by various changes in field […]

Halliburton Ariel JGA 4 Booster

Contracted by Halliburton, GENERON has completed and shipped 6 Rig Safe and CE Marked GENERON-built Ariel JGA 4 Boosters capable of 1854-2000 SCFM of nitrogen with a final discharge pressure of 5000 PSIG for use on well completions, and various oil and gas applications.  The systems are designed in 6 individual 20’x9’6”x8’ Crash Frames built […]

Biogas Booster Compression Package

October 23, 2018 Contracted by Venture Engineering and Construction, GENERON has manufactured and supplied a 550 hp Reciprocating Gas Booster (compressor) System.  This compressor is capable of compressing Biogas (RNG) for pipeline injection, from 105 psig to 1100 psig with a flow rate of 3.35 mmscfd. For this project, GENERON looked to Baker Hughes to […]

Digester Gas Compression System

Contracted by ESC Corporation GENERON has manufactured and supplied a self-contained Gas Compression System in a custom sound attenuating enclosure (8’ x 20’), with a stainless steel free-standing DCS control center.  The system consists of three (3) gas compression packages and a master control interface system. The three 75-horsepower compression units deliver a total of […]

Conrad Orange Shipyard

GENERON® IGS ANNOUNCES SUCCESSFUL DELIVERY OF NITROGEN PACKAGE FOR THE FIRST LNG BUNKER BARGE built in the U.S. GENERON has delivered two (2) packages of their patented Membrane Nitrogen Generators to Conrad Orange Shipyard, and installed on the LNG Bunker Barge –Clean Jacksonville. The GENERON designed and built membrane cabinets can deliver 40 m3/hr at […]