GENERON’s NOW Panel Nitrogen Generators Continue Positive Momentum Into 2024

GENERON continues positive momentum into 2024 with NOW panel series sales leading to double-digit growth. Seeing that it fits so many applications, the NOW panel family of nitrogen generators is a cost-saving option worth the look. The high quality, low cost, and space saving nitrogen generator series make ownership of facility generated nitrogen practical, safer, […]

GENERON Nitrogen Generation Solution Empowers Marine Industry

GENERON, a global leader in gas separation technologies, proudly announces the successful production and deployment of a series of state-of-the-art nitrogen generation packages designed for vessels worldwide. This accomplishment marks a significant stride in GENERON’s commitment to providing innovative solutions for inerting and tank blanketing applications in the marine industry. In the fourth quarter of […]

GENERON Nitrogen Generator Deployed to Alaska’s Willow Project

In March of 2023, the current Administration approved the Willow project allowing oil drilling to occur on the North Slope in Alaska, producing 180,000 barrels of oil per day. GENERON has built the first nitrogen skid package using its patented, and renown membrane technology. The skid is constructed with redundant systems featuring two Triton Nitrogen […]

Bottled vs Facility-Generated Nitrogen

You may be surprised of the cost savings and other benefits of facility-generated nitrogen. Many of our customers depended on nitrogen supply using cylinders, dewars, and tanks from a nitrogen producer or distributor. However, relying on bottled nitrogen shipments became counterproductive for their growing demand. Instead, they began generating nitrogen at their respective facilities to ensure a […]

GENERON Successfully Completes Factory Acceptance Test on Feeder Compressor

GENERON completed another successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of one of our Feeder Compressors. This unit is part of a larger multi-package project for one of our customers with operations in Latin America. The Feeder Compressors GENERON specifies for our equipment are not your standard box compressor; we use process compressors with greater efficiency and […]

GENERON Showcases Triton Nitrogen Generator at International WorkBoat Show 2023 in New Orleans

GENERON was happy to be back in the Big Easy to showcase it’s Triton Nitrogen Generator 6150 Membrane Cabinet at the International WorkBoat Show November 29th through December 1st. We met with several interested attendees and professionals in the Marine Industry inquiring about nitrogen generators for their vessels. Many were looking to save on power […]

GENERON Highlights Nitrogen Generating NOW Panel Series at Best Air Practices & Food Processing Expo 2023

GENERON was glad to be back at McCormick Place in Chicago again in October. This time to meet with the professionals in the food and beverage industry. Many of whom were looking to find new solutions to improve their compressed air processes. Facility-generated nitrogen, unexpectedly, became the focal area of interest. Leading attendees to seek […]

GENERON showcases Revolutionary Patent-Pending Nitro-GEN at Fabtech 2023

GENERON attended this year’s Fabtech event hosted at the world’s largest convention center, McCormick Place, in Chicago. We met directly with the professionals specializing in metal forming, fabricating and welding to discuss how GENERON could help with their N2 management. We presented our newest Nitrogen generator, the modular PSA Nitro-GEN unit. Showcasing it’s field flexible […]

Nitrogen Generation System for Distilled Coal Tar & Petroleum Pitch Production

Generon IGS is pleased to announce the successful completion and shipment of a 6800 Series Nitrogen Generator Cabinet, as contracted by Industrial Supply & Service based in Shreveport, Louisiana. The Model CP-6800-G4-115 Nitrogen Cabinet was specifically designed and fabricated using GENERON® Hollow Fiber Membranes. These advanced membranes selectively remove oxygen and water vapor from the […]

Carbon Capture Technology & Hydrogen Expo, Houston, TX

Generon Process Gas Technology at the Carbon Capture Technology & H2 Expo Generon, a market leader in patented air separation membrane technology for over 40 years, is diversifying its membrane and PSA technology offerings to include separations for CO2, CH4, He, and H2 for the biogas, refineries, natural gas processing, and cement industries. Generon’s process […]