Carbon Capture Technology & Hydrogen Expo, Houston, TX

July 06, 2023

Generon Process Gas Technology at the Carbon Capture Technology & H2 Expo

Generon, a market leader in patented air separation membrane technology for over 40 years, is diversifying its membrane and PSA technology offerings to include separations for CO2, CH4, He, and H2 for the biogas, refineries, natural gas processing, and cement industries. Generon’s process gas team showcased these latest product advancements at the Carbon Capture Technology and H2 expo in Houston recently. 

Carbon Capture

Generon’s next generation of patented membrane modules stems from extensive research and development and offers optimum CO­2 selectivity which results in maximum purity and recovery.


Generon® proprietary hollow fiber membrane technology with high CO2/CH4 selectivity and optimum gasflux, cleanly upgrades biogas and landfill gas to biomethane. The biomethane can be produced to meet or exceed pipeline-grade natural gas specifications and fueling vehicles or conversion to LNG.

H2 Separation & Purification

Generon’s membrane modules combined with our PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology can achieve H2 purities up to 99.999% to meet or exceed Ultra-Pure Hydrogen requirements (Syngas, Fuel cells, GTL fuels).

He Enrichment

Generon membrane modules along with our PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology, He purities up to 99.999% can be achieved to meet or exceed the specific requirements in Ultra-Pure Helium applications.

State-of-the-art Pilot Plant

As part of Generon’s intensive and continuous R&D effort, we have developed a pilot plant for testing new membrane formulations and evaluating membrane performance at various gas compositions & process conditions which are key for delivering success.

Generon® technology portfolio includes hollow fiber membrane and module manufacturing, gas separation & purification technology, engineering, and compression services. Generon’s patented membrane modules are made in Pittsburg, CA, and PSA module design, engineering, and compression services are based in Houston, TX.