Chemical Blanketing

December 06, 2018

Contracted by Compressed Air Specialist Company (CASCO), GENERON has manufactured and supplied another Membrane Nitrogen Generator, utilizing the patented GENERON® Membrane Modules. The system will house the high performance hollow fiber membranes modules, in a powder-coat painted steel cabinet, with an integrated carbon filter & .01 micron particulate filter assembly, and a dedicated oxygen analyzer.


This Nitrogen Generator will ship to Trinseo, in Midland, Michigan, and is designed to produce 1,175 scfh or 19.6 scfm of 96% Nitrogen.   The touch screen display provides system & operational data, allowing for changes to be made when required.

To see how GENERON can meet your nitrogen needs, contact our sales team at or call us at +1.713.937.5200