October 30, 2014

The Nitrogen Generator Unit is housed in a DNV 2.7.1 Container and utilizes a 10′ section of the L 20′ X H 8’6″ X W 8′ container and the remaining 10′ for the office with a built in work station, overhead storage cabinets, desk and two tool boxes. The office / work station also equipped with a Class 1 Zone 2 12,000 BTU wall mount air conditioner and is completely insulated. This system is designed for use in Hazardous Areas. The 10′ Enclosed Membrane System allows easy access in order to perform the maintenance on the unit and keeps the membrane system protected from the harsh environments in Brazil.

The air compressor is housed in the Second Crash Frame built to DNV 2.7.1. The GENERON Class 1 Zone 2 Air Compressor Utilizes A Caterpillar C-32 ATEX Directive 930 Horse Power PyroBan Water Cooled Diesel Engine. The C-32 Caterpillar Engine drives a Sullair air End that is designed to provide 1800 scfm of air at 350 psig.

The booster compressor is housed in the third crash frame built to DNV 2.7.1. The GENERON Class 1 Zone 2 Booster Utilizes A Caterpillar C-15 ATEX Directive 560 Horse Power PyroBan Water Cooled Diesel Engine. The C-15 Caterpillar Engine drives an Ariel JGA4 Booster that is designed for 320 psig suction pressure and a final discharge of 5000 psig. In addition to the GENERON components, Houston Vessel Manufacturing, an affiliated company, supplied the vessels and filters for the package.

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