GENERON showcases Revolutionary Patent-Pending Nitro-GEN at Fabtech 2023

November 20, 2023

GENERON attended this year’s Fabtech event hosted at the world’s largest convention center, McCormick Place, in Chicago. We met directly with the professionals specializing in metal forming, fabricating and welding to discuss how GENERON could help with their N2 management. We presented our newest Nitrogen generator, the modular PSA Nitro-GEN unit. Showcasing it’s field flexible design, this patent pending unit is capable of producing purities up to 99.9995%.

The exclusive design makes the Nitro-GEN 4% more energy efficient than a traditional PSA. By eliminating interconnecting piping, it also enables more nitrogen production then other similar product designs.

The Nitro-GEN unit, and other products from GENERON, eliminate inconsistent purity, delayed shipments, downtime, and loss of product often associated with bottled nitrogen. Our facility-generated nitrogen units greatly reduce safety risk by eliminating the routine of safe handling practices and storage of cylinders. Additionally, these units provide precise purity control, and nitrogen on demand.

GENERON’s facility-generated nitrogen units also lower annual N2 cost significantly. For example if you are currently using 40 cylinders of N2 every month, with an average cost of $25,000 a year. By switching to our Nitro-GEN unit or a comparable product, you could save up to 65% annually, by the second year. A COO from a leading metal fabricator summed it up accurately, stating, “you guys know how to do this right!”

GENERON is the clear choice to reduce cost and increase safety; contact our technology specialist today to find out how our Application Focused approach can deliver more to you. www.generon.com.