GENERON Nitrogen Generator Unit

May 23, 2022

GENERON® has completed and shipped one Nitrogen Generator Unit for use in Oman.  This system is designed for use as a mobile unit.  The GENERON® Nitrogen Generator Unit is designed and built to produce 1600 cfm of Nitrogen, with a purity of 97%, and a discharge pressure of 290 psig.  Where a higher quality of nitrogen product is required, this same GENERON® Membrane System can deliver 820 cfm of nitrogen at a purity of 99% and a discharge pressure of 300 psig.


This Nitrogen Generator Unit is housed in a 10ft Lx 8ft W x 8.5ft H ISO container using the heat exchanger design as opposed to a immersion type electric heater. This way the power supply to the NPU is 24 VDC only. The end user Gulf Petrochemical Services will use N2 for pipeline services.


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Generon Logo

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