July 25, 2016

GENERON® nitrogen membrane generator skid for inert gas blanketing awarded by the German metal powder technology company, Ecka Granules, for its subsidiary in Tasmania, Australia. The supply of inert gas is essential to their continued uninterrupted operations.

Experience to date with two similar sized onsite Membrane systems has resulted in their maintenance team working closely with local gas company technicians, to trouble-shoot various component failures and faults which have occurred over the past five years.

The GENERON® nitrogen membrane generator skid for inert gas blanketing will be used for blanketing an explosive process. Nitrogen Purity required 98% +/- 1% – normal output target is ~2.5% O2 with a capacity of 270 Nm3/h, suitable for continuous (365/24/7) operation.

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Nitrogen Membrane Generator for Inert Gas Blanketing

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