Instrument Air and Nitrogen Package

July 19, 2018


Contracted by Wood PLC, GENERON has manufactured and supplied another Instrument Air and Nitrogen Package.  This instrument air system package is designed for a large, well-known oil & gas producer for operations in the Mediterranean Sea.

The completed system consists of:

(4) air compressors – operating (3) x 33% duty, with 33%  backup capability,

(2) compressed Air Dryer packages – operating with 100% backup capability,

(2) GENERON® PSA-type Nitrogen Generators – operating with 100% backup capability.

This system provides 2100 scfm (3560 Nm3/hr) of dry air at 170 psig and 250 scfm (424 Nm3/hr) of Nitrogen @ 99% Purity.  The IECEx panels and controls were designed and built to stand up to the harsh offshore environment, as well as stringent international codes.

To compliment the GENERON® Equipment System, Houston Vessel Manufacturing, an affiliated IGS company, supplied the ASME pressure vessels for this package.

Contact us for more information on our Air Packages or Nitrogen Generators at or call us at +1.713.937.5200.

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