Less is More: The Generon Membrane

June 01, 2023

GENERON, IGS Inc. membranes do more when compared to competitor equals. Other membrane products require the use of greater numbers of membranes to meet the functional equivalent of a single Generon membrane. Many Competitors must buy their membranes from suppliers and are at peril of the Supplier while Generon controls, owns, and operates their membrane technologies.

The use of Generon membranes in Nitrogen generation systems typically sees function lasting 15 to 18 years while maintaining purity and flow requirements during this period. In comparison, competitive equals do not fare as well. The Generon membrane capability is supported through continuous R & D work and evaluation through our Generon CA facility. Our membranes are known for their robustness and reliability, requiring minimal operator intervention and offering ease of integration into new or existing processes.

Generon membranes are designed to selectively separate different components in a gas mixture. They can efficiently separate gasses based on differences in molecular size, shape, and solubility, allowing for high-purity gas production.

Generon membranes are available in various configurations and sizes, enabling flexibility and scalability to meet specific process requirements, and can be customized to fit different applications, from small-scale laboratory systems to large industrial plants.

Join the industry leader in membrane technology and experience the longevity, quality, and efficiency Generon has to offer.

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