September 03, 2014

were GENERON‘s patented Nitrogen Membrane Generator systems. Each system was designed to produce 850 scfm of 95% Nitrogen with an outlet pressure of 130 psig. The fourth package was a GENERON designed Instrument Air Drying package. This unit provided 535 scfm of dry Instrument Air at a dewpoint of -40 Deg F with a discharge pressure of 150 psig. Included on this package were four (4) each receiver vessels ea being 60″ OD x 12′ Seam to Seam. One vessel for Utility Air, 2 for Dry Instrument and one for dry Nitrogen. All vessels were designed and fabricated by GENERON‘s sister company Houston Vessel Manufacturing. The final skid comprised of two (2) each Nitrogen Boosters. Each booster was electrically driven and produced 60 scfm of compressed Nitrogen gas with a final discharge pressure of 2700 psig. All packages were rated for a Class 1 Div II T3 Hazardous Area location and for use on an offshore platform. Please contact us for more information or to request information on similar packages.

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