Micro Brewery Packaging

January 16, 2018


Generon is pleased to announce a Twin Tower PSA system has been delivered to Roadhouse Brewery in Jackson, WY. This generator will be used in the brewing and bottling process in their microbrewery.

This system was designed to deliver 99.9% pure Nitrogen at a flow rate of 156 scfh.  This is a single skid, common base design, which includes a gas analyzer (to monitor purity), PLC controls, automatic stand-by mode, process receiver vessels, as well as pre- and post-filtration packages.

Roadhouse Brewery chose an in–house Nitrogen Generator to not only reduce the cost of buying individual tanks, but also to reduce their environmental footprint.  If food-grade, high-purity Nitrogen is an important factor in producing a quality product, GENERON is eager to provide you a custom Nitrogen Generator to meet your Nitrogen needs.

This PSA Generator system was manufactured and certified at our Houston, TX facility.  For further information on GENERON or the IGS Companies, please contact us at .