April 03, 2014

to meet the Australian requirements for mobile applications. The primary compression package utilized 3 High Pressure Rotary Screw Compressors all driven from one 2500 HP Diesel Engine. The combined output of the unit delivered 4,600 cfm of compressed air with a discharge pressure of 500 psig. The compressed air is then delivered to the GENERON Nitrogen Generator to produce 2500 scfm of Nitrogen with a purity of 95% and a discharge pressure of 450 psig. The Nitrogen Booster Package utilized a 4-stage Diesel Driven Reciprocating Compressor to deliver the supplied Nitrogen form the GENERON Nitrogen generator to a final discharge pressure of 5000 psig.

Both the Nitrogen Generator and Nitrogen Booster packages are housed in GENERON designed DNV 2.7.1 approved shipping containers. The Nitrogen Generator package was designed and certified for IECEx / Class 1 Div 2 hazardous areas.

In addition to the GENERON components, Houston Vessel Manufacturing, an affiliated company, supplied a number of scrubbers and vessels to the entire package.