Nitrogen Generation System for Distilled Coal Tar & Petroleum Pitch Production

July 17, 2023

Generon IGS is pleased to announce the successful completion and shipment of a 6800 Series Nitrogen Generator Cabinet, as contracted by Industrial Supply & Service based in Shreveport, Louisiana. The Model CP-6800-G4-115 Nitrogen Cabinet was specifically designed and fabricated using GENERON® Hollow Fiber Membranes. These advanced membranes selectively remove oxygen and water vapor from the compressed air stream, resulting in an enriched Nitrogen product. This Nitrogen will serve as an inert blanket gas within the production processes. The installation of this system will take place at Lone Star Specialties’ production plant located in Lone Star, Texas.

The Generon Nitrogen generation system plays a crucial role in the operations of Lone Star Specialties’ production facility. The 6800 Series N2 Generator Cabinet produces Nitrogen that enables the safe and efficient production of coal tar and petroleum pitch products. These products are widely utilized in the manufacturing processes for graphite electrodes, carbon anodes, activated carbon, specialty graphite, and refractory products across the United States and other global regions.

Generon IGS meticulously designed the 6800 Series N2 Generator Cabinet to meet the precise process specifications and requirements of the application. The hollow fiber membrane modules were manufactured at our facility in Pittsburg, California, while the final engineering and manufacturing of the complete cabinet system took place at Generon’s facility in Houston, Texas.

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