GENERON’s NOW Panel Nitrogen Generators Continue Positive Momentum Into 2024

February 19, 2024

GENERON continues positive momentum into 2024 with NOW panel series sales leading to double-digit growth. Seeing that it fits so many applications, the NOW panel family of nitrogen generators is a cost-saving option worth the look. The high quality, low cost, and space saving nitrogen generator series make ownership of facility generated nitrogen practical, safer, and seamless. Operation and installation of the NOW panel generator is simple and quick.

With standard units meeting 95% to 99.9% purity ranges, the NOW panel serves many diverse applications. Industries that this system operate in include: food processing, bottling, laboratory, electronics, and beverage to list a few. Furthermore, within the NOW panel family, is the ability to meet purities requirements of up to 99.999% upon request for a customized system.

The NOW panel employs GENERON’s patented and self-manufactured membrane technology. It’s advanced membrane design allows for silent operation with a constant flow of high quality nitrogen and less compressed air consumption. Our long life Combined Polymer ultrahigh performing nitrogen membrane modules deliver 2X more nitrogen flow for the same compressed air of our competitors. We offer nitrogen generators with membrane modules ranging in size from 2” to 6”, as well as customized NOW panel solutions.

GENERON is the world’s leader in Nitrogen Membrane Systems, and always in the development of new technologies! We will work with you to reduce cost to your nitrogen management. Contact our technology specialist today to find out how our Application Focused approach can deliver more to you.  www.generon.com