How Does an Air Dryer Work?

Compressed air dryers are necessary utilities in most manufacturing production plants. Moisture in the air can damage pneumatic systems, cause pipes to freeze, allow rust to form and damage moving parts — the list can go on. Having a reliable air dryer in your factory is an absolute must, but which design is the right […]

How Is Nitrogen Produced for Industrial Applications?

Nitrogen gas is one of the most abundant compounds available in the air. It makes up about 78 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere. Being such an abundant compound, nitrogen is applied in a variety of industrial uses from the food industry to drug manufacturing. But what is nitrogen gas really, how is nitrogen purified, and […]

How to Separate Nitrogen from Air

Our junior high science classes taught us that nitrogen is everywhere. It’s in the air, in the ground, in plants, animals, and can get into water supplies. Nitrogen is one of the nutrients that plants and animals need for growth and nourishment. But it also has a long string of industrial and chemical uses in […]

How Does Fuel Gas Conditioning Help Offshore Platforms?

If you assumed that working on an offshore platform comes with a range of unique challenges, then you would be right. Offshore platforms deal with harsher weather conditions, higher humidity and other difficult working conditions, all of which make the time available for work even more precious. Productivity is often at a premium on an […]

CRN Approved Twin Tower Nitrogen Generator

  GENERON, a leader in the design and supply of nitrogen generators, membrane and pressure swing adsorption systems, and is pleased to announce that a GENERON ® Twin Tower PSA system has been delivered to Linde for their Relife project in Magog. The system has CRN approval for installation in Canada, and was designed to […]

Nitrogen Generator for Laser Cutting

GENERON, a leader in the design and supply of Nitrogen Generators; Membrane and Pressure Swing Adsorption Systems, and their distributor, Matheson Tri-gas, are pleased to announce another Membrane System has been delivered to Med-Mizer of Batesville, Indiana.  This system is used in the fabrication and manufacturing industry, for laser cutting processes. The system was designed […]

GENERON at Marintec, China 2017

GENERON, with our agent HK Haichuan Int’l, showcased one of our Marine PSA Nitrogen Generators and a Cabinet Nitrogen System, furnished by our sister company IGS-SMC China, at our booth in hall N3. Marintec China provides the largest range of exhibiting companies, manufacturers, and service providers across the complete supply chain for shipbuilding, as well […]

Tested and Delivered: Prototype System for Plank Road Technologies LLC

GENERON, a leader in the design and supply of Nitrogen Generators; both Membrane and Pressure Swing Adsorption Systems, has designed a prototype Membrane System for a Nitrogen purged storage system. Plank Road Technologies provides product protection to industrial, nuclear, and military markets.  Our GENERON® Nitrogen Generator will be used in combination with their patented systems […]

Nitrogen Generator for Tank Blanketing

Generon, a leader in the design and supply of nitrogen generators, membrane and pressure swing adsorption systems, and their Distributor, Zorn Compressor and Equipment of WI is pleased to announce that six GENERON® Membrane Cabinet Systems have been delivered to Carboline Company in Lake Charles, LA.  The units will be used to provide nitrogen blanketing […]

Halliburton NPU 6000

Contracted by Halliburton, GENERON has completed and shipped two Nitrogen Generator Units for use on Pipeline Testing and other Oil and Gas gathering applications.  These systems are designed for use onshore as well as offshore.  The GENERON® Nitrogen Generator Units are designed and built to handle up to 12,000 scfm of incoming air at 350 […]